DoreHandTrack (Free)
Getting Started

The following instructions will guide you on how to implement the DoreHandTrack SDK on a IOS platform.

Technical Specifications:

Xcode  14.2 or Above
IOS Version 13.0 or Above
Supported Device iPhoneSE or Above


You can implement DoreHandTrack SDK in your existing/new IOS Xcode project with in just 3 Steps

Step 1:

 1. Add this line in your pod file  

pod 'DoreHandTrack'

2. Run pod install, and open project

pod install

3. Cocoapod version should be 1.12.1 or above 



Step 2: 

Initiate DoreHandTrack Manager

private var modelManager: HandTrackManager?

modelManager = HandTrackManager()
//load model manager 
let isValid:Bool = (modelManager?.init_data(sWidth: Float(cameraView.frame.width), sHeight: Float(cameraView.frame.height)))!


Step 3:

Execute DoreHandTrack Manager with input image buffer

extension RealtimeTrack: CameraFeedManagerDelegate {
    func didOutput(pixelBuffer: CVPixelBuffer) {
        let result:HandTrackOut  = (self.modelManager?.run_model(onFrame: pixelBuffer)!)!
        DispatchQueue.main.async {
        //check probability greater than 0.05
            if(result.handflag > 0.05 ){
                self.trace.isHidden = false
                self.trace.points =  result.trackpoint
                self.trace.isHidden = true

 Get 20 key points from "result.trackpiont"