Welcome to DoreAI, This document is designed to help you get started with the DoreAI Mobile SDK and guide you all the way through to advanced concepts and examples for developing your mobile app project.

Architecture of the DoreAI Mobile SDK

The image below shows the components of the DoreAI 

Dore AI - Mobile SDK Architecture 

DoreAI is a set of SDKs and technologies that allow developers to build and implement the most immersive and engaging computer vision experiences in their mobile apps.

The document represents the most common feature use cases and possibilities of our technologies. The general term "DoreAI Mobile SDK" is used to refer all DoreAI products.

How to use this Documentation:

  1. Select Product from left menu
  2. Read the implementation instruction from document based on mobile platform (IOS, Android)
  3. View the samples. The DoreAI Mobile SDK is delivered with examples featuring complete feature-rich SDK applications for both IOS and Android platform, sample app is  cover a variety of real-life use cases and give a comprehensive overview of how to run and use the SDK.
  4. Setup your project based on the examples provided.
  5. Create your own module/function. You can construct your own mobile app module using DoreAI mobile SDK.
  6. Test and Implement into real time project 


DoreAI Mobile SDK

DoreSegment DoreHairSegment DoreDeepStyle DoreSoundPlay DoreEmotionRecognition