Sound Recognition SDK for IOS


New 'Next Gen' Sound Recognition SDK for IOS Developers. Implement AI based Sound Recognition within your mobile apps more efficient than Ever, five different sound will be detected ( Whistle sound, Clap sound, Finger Snap sound, Male voice, Female voice) with real time audio sync.

Given a sound input through mobile microphone, the goal of the Sound Recognition SDK is to assign it to one of a pre-determined number of labels, such as  Whistle sound, Clap sound, Finger Snap sound or Male voice sound. This Sound Classifier is not intended to be used for speech recognition.


Real time Sound Detection from mobile microphone


With most Sound Detection SDK For IOS, sound classification/recognition does require a connection to the internet as it uses back-end servers to process the sound. DoreSoundPlay Sound Recognition SDK for iOS doesn't required internet connection and it will work with real time sound detection. Our technology is trained to recognise a large number of sounds for each category and it will identifies the user sound at precisely the time they using mobile microphone
Intelligent sound recognition requires a deep knowledge of the ideophonic features of sounds. It is the only way to teach machines how to hear. We have built our own dedicated sound dataset to build perfect sound detection with more accuracy. if you want add custom sound please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Although we will provide sample IOS project with example code for complete implementation


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