Dore FaceSegment

Dore FaceSegment SDK for iOS And Android


Unlock the power of advanced facial segmentation in your Android and iOS applications with Dore FaceSegment. Empower your users to capture stunning selfies, experience immersive AR effects, and enjoy personalized experiences like never before. Get started today and take your applications to the next level!

Enhance your mobile applications with Dore FaceSegment, the advanced selfie segmentation software development kit (SDK) designed specifically for Android and iOS platforms. With Dore FaceSegment, you can effortlessly integrate cutting-edge facial segmentation technology into your applications, enabling users to capture stunning selfies with exceptional precision and detail.


Why Choose Dore FaceSegment?

Seamless Integration: Dore FaceSegment offers a seamless integration process, allowing developers to effortlessly incorporate powerful selfie segmentation capabilities into their Android and iOS applications. Our SDK provides a user-friendly interface, making integration quick and hassle-free.

High-Quality Segmentation: Powered by state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, Dore FaceSegment delivers high-quality facial segmentation results. It accurately separates the foreground (face, hair, body, skin) from the background, enabling various exciting applications such as virtual backgrounds, augmented reality filters, face swapping, and more.

Real-Time Performance: Dore FaceSegment is optimized to deliver real-time performance on mobile devices, ensuring smooth and responsive user experiences. Whether it's live video streaming or capturing instant selfies, our SDK offers high-speed segmentation, allowing your application to keep up with the user's actions.

Privacy and Security: We prioritize user privacy and data security. Dore FaceSegment performs all processing locally on the user's device, ensuring that no sensitive information or images are sent to external servers. Your users can enjoy the benefits of our advanced segmentation technology with complete peace of mind.

Segmentation types :  FACE, SKIN, BODY, HAIR  



Customization Options: We understand that every application has unique requirements. Dore FaceSegment offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the segmentation results to match your specific needs. Adjust parameters, select specific segmentation type, and create personalized experiences for your users.

Developer-Friendly Documentation: Our comprehensive documentation provides detailed instructions, code samples, and tutorials to guide developers through the integration process. We strive to make it easy for developers of all levels of expertise to leverage the power of Dore FaceSegment in their applications.

Dedicated Support: At Dore, we believe in providing excellent customer support. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while integrating or using Dore FaceSegment. We are committed to ensuring your success with our SDK.

  On-Device Segment Detection (No need API / Cloud Integration) 



Applications of Dore FaceSegment:

Social Media and Messaging Apps: Enable your users to effortlessly apply virtual backgrounds, filters, and effects to their selfies, enhancing their social media and messaging experiences.

Entertainment and Gaming: Create interactive and engaging experiences by incorporating real-time facial segmentation into your entertainment and gaming applications. Let users explore virtual worlds and interact with characters like never before.

Beauty and Fashion: Provide your users with virtual makeup and try-on experiences. Dore FaceSegment accurately separates the face from the background, allowing users to visualize different cosmetic products and hairstyles.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications: Dore FaceSegment is an excellent tool for building AR applications. Seamlessly integrate our SDK to overlay virtual objects, masks, or effects on users' faces in real-time.

Platform Supports : IOS, Android  




  • AI based conversion
  • On-Device Solution (No need external API / Cloud integration)
  • Works on Image / Video Frames (IOS, Android)
  • Works on 4 different segment types ( FACE, SKIN, HAIR, BODY )
  • Helps on Photo editor apps (IOS, Android)
  • Helps on create 2D avatar 
  • Works on any picture
  • Easy to implementation in your existing/new project
  • Immerse customers and visualize your product in a few lines of code.



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