Dore EmotionRecognition

Emotion Recognition SDK for iOS And Android


Analyze and identify emotion of detected face at real time from camera feed. this is specially design for mobile gamification activities from single user facial expression. Six different emotion types will be detected (Happy, Sad, Angry, Fear, Surprise, Neutral ) with 80% of accuracy.


Analyze and identify emotions in real-time with Dore EmotionRecognition. Our cutting-edge software development kit (SDK) is designed to detect and analyze emotions from facial expressions captured through a camera feed. Specifically designed for mobile gamification activities and single-user facial expression analysis, Dore EmotionRecognition offers a seamless integration of emotion detection capabilities into your iOS and Android applications.

Real-Time Emotion Detection

Dore EmotionRecognition enables you to accurately analyze and identify six different emotion types in real time: Happy, Sad, Angry, Fear, Surprise, and Neutral. By leveraging the power of deep learning algorithms, our SDK achieves an impressive accuracy rate of 70%. Whether you're developing a gaming app or aiming to enhance customer experiences, Dore EmotionRecognition provides the tools you need to add emotional intelligence to your application.

Deep Learning Technology

Our SDK utilizes advanced deep learning technology to analyze facial expressions and interpret emotions. By training on vast amounts of facial data, our model has learned to detect subtle nuances in expressions, ensuring precise emotion recognition. With Dore EmotionRecognition, you can unlock the potential of facial expression analysis and gain unique insights into user experiences and customer behavior.

  Real time Emotion Detection from live camera view



Enhance Gamification Activities

If you're developing a mobile gaming app, Dore EmotionRecognition is the perfect addition to enhance the interactive experience. By integrating our SDK, you can create games that respond to users' emotions in real time. Adapt gameplay based on detected emotions, customize challenges according to user moods, and provide a truly immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Optimize Customer Engagement

For businesses looking to optimize customer engagement, Dore EmotionRecognition offers valuable insights into customer emotions and behaviors. Understand how users react to different experiences, products, or marketing campaigns by analyzing their facial expressions. By integrating our SDK into your mobile application, you can gather data-driven insights to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall experience.

Seamless Integration

Integrating Dore EmotionRecognition into your iOS or Android application is a seamless process. Our SDK comes with comprehensive documentation and easy-to-use APIs, allowing developers of all levels to integrate emotion detection functionality effortlessly. Follow our guidelines, and you'll have emotion recognition capabilities up and running in no time.

Benefits of Dore EmotionRecognition SDK:

Real-Time Emotion Analysis: Detect and identify emotions from facial expressions in real time, enabling dynamic responses and personalized experiences.

High Accuracy: Our deep learning-based model achieves an accuracy rate of 80%, ensuring reliable emotion detection.

Mobile Gamification Optimization: Enhance gaming experiences by incorporating emotion analysis into gameplay, providing a truly interactive and immersive environment.

Customer Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer emotions and behaviors, enabling you to optimize customer engagement strategies.

Easy Integration: Our SDK offers developer-friendly APIs and comprehensive documentation, making integration into your mobile application hassle-free.

Unlock the power of emotion detection with Dore EmotionRecognition SDK. Whether you're developing a gaming app or aiming to optimize customer engagement, our SDK provides you with the tools to add facial expression analysis and emotion recognition capabilities to your iOS and Android applications. Take your app to the next level and gain unique insights into user experiences. Get started with Dore EmotionRecognition today and revolutionize the way emotions are integrated into mobile applications.

Add emotion to your application with Emotion Recognition SDK for iOS And Android, Whether you wish to combine facial expression analysis with your new app or existing mobile applications, we offer you the Deep Learning Emotion Recognition SDK to do so. Add facial expression analysis technology to your application to optimize your solution using the Dore Emotion Recognition SDK. This will help you improve and innovate by providing unique insights in gamer experience or customer behavior, depending on your application.

Benefits of the Dore Emotion Recognition SDK are:

  • Real-time interaction
  • On-Device Solution (No need external API / Cloud integration)
  • Works on Image (or) Video Frames
  • Detect Six different emotion types
  • Helps on Mobile gamification activities
  • Helps on Mobile Security
  • User Experience Analytics
  • Real time face emotions tracking


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