Emotion Recognition SDK for iOS And Android


Analyze and identify emotion of detected face at real time from camera feed. this is specially design for mobile gamification activities from single user facial expression. Six different emotion types will be detected (Happy, Sad, Angry, Fear, Surprise, Neutral ) with 70% of accuracy.

Add emotion to your application with Emotion Recognition SDK for iOS And Android, Whether you wish to combine facial expression analysis with your new app or existing mobile applications, we offer you the Deep Learning Emotion Recognition SDK to do so. Add facial expression analysis technology to your application to optimize your solution using the Dore Emotion Recognition SDK. This will help you improve and innovate by providing unique insights in gamer experience or customer behavior, depending on your application.

Benefits of the Dore Emotion Recognition SDK are:

  • Real-time interaction
  • On-Device Solution (No need external API / Cloud integration)
  • Works on Image (or) Video Frames
  • Detect Six different emotion types
  • Helps on Mobile gamification activities
  • Helps on Mobile Security
  • User Experience Analytics
  • Real time face emotions tracking


Real time Emotion Detection from live camera view


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