AI Based Style-Transfer Photo Effect SDK


Creating filters or features like "Prisma" style transfer these takes months of effort, Now, with Dore DeepStyle, you’ll be able to add the same features to your app in minutes using DeepStyle AI based style-transfer photo Effect SDK, not only image you can use this style transfer effect in real time video as well.

Dore DeepStyle has optimized AI algorithms to work in real-time on IOS and Android devices. In order to build out Style Transfer, we have trained more than 150 different styles. We created a simple-to-use mobile SDK that allows any developer to integrate style transfer into their apps. All the processing is done on-device and in real-time


Style transfer on device offline mode Supports more than 150 filters type Real-time style transfer in live camera view 


Dore DeepStyle ( Ai Based Style-Transfer Photo Effect SDK ) allows us to recompose the content of an image in the style of another. If you’ve ever imagined what a photo might look like if it were painted by a famous artist, then Dore DeepStyle transfer is the Style-Transfer Photo Effect technique that turns this into a reality.

Actually, it’s a technique that takes two images — a content image and a style reference image (Style filter type) and blends them together so that the resulting output image retains the core elements of the content image, but appears to be painted in the style of the style reference image, Dore DeepStyle is providing more than 150 different type of styles (filter types) for Free.

With advances in technologies like style transfer, almost anyone can enjoy the pleasure that comes along with creating and sharing an artistic masterpiece.


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